Perry Lane Hotel, Savannah GA

I was hired by Nine Dot Arts to create a promotional book like none other. The goal was to tell the story of this captivating boutique hotel in the historic district of Savannah. The idea centered around a fictional character and her life story of being a wild young creative in NYC, her memories of a romantic past in Savannah, and her passion to build a hotel in the historic district to replace one lost to developers and poor city planning. Paul Brokering and I traveled there a few times to photograph Savannah and gather bits and pieces that would make up the visuals for the book. The wonderful artwork in the hotel is the work of Nine Dot Arts. Deanne Gertner wrote the captivating text. Here are just a few of the pages. The book was oversized, perfect bound with embossed pages and specialty papers tipped in. It was hand bound and printed by Tewell Warren in Denver, CO. A once-in-a-lifetime book for both the printer and myself.