I like creative projects, and working with creative individuals. 
If you have a graphic design project sketched up and have the concepts all mapped out in your head - I may not be the best choice of designer for you. I tend to question things, ask "why?" and say "what if" a lot.  If you and your organization are passionate about what you do, and you produce something excellent, I would love to collaborate with you. If you do not quite know how to tell the story of your organization, call me. I love working with marketing directors who are open to doing a deep dive into what their brand stands for. It is so much more than Pantone colors, it is more than typefaces, it is about why the world should care about what you do. And, how do we tell that story. 
I love narratives, even if it is just internal, it helps to know what we are doing. Also, I like to have an idea, an agreed upon basic concept before I start working. 
I studied painting (BFA) at Cooper Union many years ago. 
I stumbled into being a textile designer in NYC. I sold ideas, designs and fabric in both the fashion and home furnishings arenas. I love pattern. Then I shifted to graphic design when I moved (back to) Denver, a number of years ago. Painting, designing fabrics/clothes and graphic design, and for that matter, baking, all rely on many similar core skills. Thank you for looking, and please email or call me if you would like to discuss your graphic design needs.
three-zero-three - 321-five five two three. 
This is me, that is Pikes Peak in the background - February 2021 with our new rescue dog, Billie Jo. We are so happy she joined our pack.

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